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The National Cooperative Policy 2011-2020 (DKN — Dasar Koperasi Negara), outlines the direction for the growth of the cooperative sector inline with the development of Malaysia. DKN targets to achieve revenue of RM50 billion by the year 2020. With this in mind, the role of the Co-operative Institute of Malaysia (CIM) in Teras Strategik 3 DKN is truly an enormous responsibility to create and enhance the capabilities of the cooperative workforce in Malaysia.

CIM is committed to becoming a leading reference center and leader in cooperative human capital development. With the new vision that has been set up, CIM is able to produce more trained, competent and dynamic cooperators. Cooperative training and education excellence will be realised through the rebranding of CCM to the Co-operative Institute of Malaysia (CIM) as approved on 11 December 2018.

The rebranding to CIM will transform the landscape of cooperative training and education that will see more focus towards building a culture of entrepreneurship in cooperatives, infrastructure that is conducive, an identity and image that is strong and the delivery of information to audiences that is more effective.

In order to provide consistent and effective information, CIM will consistently strive to improve our portal website with a diverse range of up-to-date information, more attractive and better user experience for all.

CIM’s portal website will serve as the main platform for various access to information and acts as the ‘gateway’ the CIM’s online system for its customers. This is in line with the requirements of Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning (MAMPU), which requires that every government agency will need to consistently improve the quality of the delivery of online services which meets the criteria set by MAMPU.

CIM will strive to improve the effectiveness of the portal website for the dissemination and sharing of information particularly with regards to training, consulting, research, printing, and guidance. With that in mind, CIM welcomes the public to access our website and submit any feedback, views, and ideas for us to further enhance the contents and experience, for the benefit of all.

Last but not least, I hope that the CIM portal website will be the main source of information on our trainings and educational programmes that will help produce successful cooperators and entrepreneurs in cooperatives and entrepreneurial movements.

Thank you.

Co-operative Institute of Malaysia

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Institut Koperasi Malaysia
103 Jalan Templer,
46700 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone : 603.7964.9000 Fax : 603.7957.0434
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Latest Update : Wednesday 27 April 2022.
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